Oslo Shipbrokers Association

“Setting standards and supporting shipping since 1899.”

Oslo Skibsmeglerforening was founded in 1899. It is intended to associate Oslo ship mediators with other parties of common interests. Association members can be both company members and personal members.

Oslo Skibsmeglerforening has been affiliated with the Norsk Skipsmeglerforbund. The Oslo Shipbrokers Association company members must also be members of the Norwegian Shipbrokers Association (Norsk Skipsmeglerforbund).
Chairman of the Association: Pål Bjørnestad, Inge Steensland AS – Email: pab@steensland.com
Secretary of the Association: Stein-Georg Evensen – Email: sg.evens@online.no – mob 92224100

History and laws of Oslo Skibsmeglerforening

Oslo Skibsmeglerforening was founded the 1899 because Oslo was central in terms of chartering and mediation of ships and shipping activity from that era. Beyond the 1900s, the number of members increased, the association established itself as a strong and independent association for Oslo’s broker stand.


Stein-Georg Evens-the secretary of Oslo Skibsmeglerforening still has some copies of the Jubilee book for Oslo Skibsmeglerforenings 100 years Anniversary for sale at $400.
Contact Email: sg.evens@online.no or mobile 92224100 if anyone wants to get a copy of this great and informative book about the society’s history etc.

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